Monday, March 14, 2016

Muted (Dagdrömmar)


I woke up to a gray Monday. It wasn't cloudy, just a kind of longing inside me to color with my grays. 

I opened Hannah Karlzon's Dagdrommar which has been with me for three months already but with not a single page finished.

Here are my unfinished pages. 

For some strange reason I don't feel like continuing the three works above anymore. As if color inspirations escaped me once I was halfway through with them. 

But today was an exception. For this image of a Spartan lady it was smooth sailing from the start, no mental blockades at all. It was like something was telling me that for this (and maybe for the rest of the pages in this book), muted is the way to go. 

I used five gray pencils for the face alone: 90% Gris Chaud
50% Gris Chaud
30% Gris Chaud
70% Warm Grey
10% Gris Froid

I'm convinced this is pretty much how the rest of my Dagdrömmar (daydream) images should be rendered. 

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