Monday, April 11, 2016

A Museum Exhibit of Coloristas

So with my friend Effie and my husband Marv in the car with me we snaked our way through España to beat the traffic and get to the UST Museum on time for the 3:00 opening. We made it early *whew!* in fact we even had time to view the beautiful collections of paintings, relics and artifacts of the Dominicans. 

During the program REV. FR. ISIDRO C. ABAÑO, O.P., the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences Director and an exhibitor himself, spoke about how coloring has become a refuge for his soul after a hard day's work. He described how he seemed to be hypnotized everytime he rendered colors with his pencils within the confines of his room and even when he travelled. It was as if I was listening to him talk about me, describing my own almost-meditative coloring experiences when I, too, become lost in the world of colors and shades. It struck me that while each person's encounter with coloring is unique we colorists all essentially similar in how we find an almost 'therapeutic' calmness in doing it. 

The 'therapeutic' term was used by Dr. Claudette A. Agnes, a Psychology professor of the university when I struck a conversation with her while viewing the works. She will be giving a talk entitled "A Psychology of Colors". She explained thay while our personalities have somewhat predetermined our color preferences it is still essentially our psychological make-up that comes into play when we make our color choices. I'm really excited to hear her share her study tomorrow, who knows what new insights I would get from it. She got a bit excited and even volunteered to give a talk when I mentioned to her about a company that approached us and expressed the desire to hire our colorista team for their employees' development program. How can one say no to a dream collab! 

It's just amazing how this adult coloring phenomenon has caught even the interest of the academe, enough for them to hold this month long event and invite us coloristas to be at the forefront of it all.


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