Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Officially Launching Our 1st Coloring Congress RAFFLE

Announcing the official launching of the O1CC Raffle!
This is open to the public. NOT limited only to those attending the Congress in Tagaytay in August.  
First come, first served basis.
Ticket RESERVATIONS will start this Saturday, June 18, 2016. You may approach our Official O1CC Sellers at the Twin OCC™ Events in Cebu and Manila.
Online transaction also available, message an Official O1CC Seller to reserve. 

Some Sellers will be at the July 2 OCC™ in Los Baños, or will be holding classes this month or July, you may opt to buy from them directly provided they still have tickets to sell.
ALL the information an interested ticket buyer needs to know are provided below, 

Thank you, and may the odds be in your favor!


To give everyone, most especially all koloristas nationwide, a chance to win prizes donated by our sponsors in the Our 1st Coloring Congress (O1CC) 

To raise funds for the expenses of Our 1st Coloring Congress (O1CC)

During Our 1st Coloring Congress
Saturday, August 6, 2016 
1:00 PM 

O1CC, Phinma Conference Center, Tagaytay


Immediately after the Draw, around 1:30 PM
Saturday, August 6, 2016


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RAFFLE PRIZES from MAJOR and MINOR Sponsors of O1CC:

CANON Printer LBP 2900 
CANON Printer Pixma P200 
CANON Photobook Printing (two winners)
Faber-Castell 36 set Classic Colored Pencils
Fully Booked "Fairies in Wonderland: An Interactive Coloring Adventure for
All Ages" Coloring Book
Fully Booked "Joyous Blooms to Color" Coloring Book
Fully Booked "The Vintage Coloring Book: Gorgeous Vintage Designs to Make Your Own" Coloring Book
Smells Like Sundays Prize Packages (two winners)


Any person of legal age, may join the raffle, even those who cannot come to Our 1st Coloring Congress on August 6-7.

Each raffle ticket has a QR code for proper tracking and identification. 

To qualify for the raffle one must purchase at least one (1), but may not be limited to just one (1), raffle ticket worth Fifty Pesos (PhP 50.00) only. 

The more raffle tickets one buys the bigger the chances of winning.

The raffle is not limited to koloristas alone, any individual with purchasing ability, is qualified to buy a ticket. 

Organizers are not prohibited from buying raffle tickets. 

The raffle draw will be done in public on August 6, 2016, Saturday, at 1:00 pm, with the participants of Our 1st Coloring Congress as witnesses.

Anyone of legal age is qualified to join the raffle as long as you purchase in person or online atleast one (1) Official O1CC with QR code through an Official and authorized O1CC Seller.


Only the following people are authorized to sell the O1CC Raffle Tickets:

Nos. 001-060   Celeste Lecaroz
Nos. 061-120    Vermailene Joyce Barrios
Nos. 121-180     Ian De Jesus
Nos. 181-240    Cathy Lasam-Ballo
Nos. 241-300    Anwy Fua Gaño
Nos. 301-360    Ayn Descalsote
Nos. 361-420     Fe Pagdanganan Manahan
Nos. 421 - 480    Beverly Ann Laiz
Nos. 481 - 540    Lei Barrozo
Nos. 541 - 600    Fe Brusola


1. Meet up with the Seller to pay and secure the ticket/s physically.
2. Contact a Seller through social media and pay through the OCC™ Bank Account named under the OCC™ Head. Secure the purchased tickets digitally unless Buyer requests to have them shipped to him/her in which case the Buyer will shoulder the shipping fee. Digital proof (photo of ticket/s) will be honored by the Raffle Organizers when the digital ticket holder wins in the O1CC Raffle. Proof of purchase will also be counter-verified by Sellers records.

1. Buyer must send a Facebook Private Message (PM), email, or text message communicating to Seller his/her intent to buy a ticket or a certain number of tickets. *Indicate to Seller if Buyer also wants to have torn half of the ticket/s shipped to her also, so Seller can include Shipping Fee in computation. However option not to ship torn half of ticket/s is also available and valid since the  Raffle Organizers will still honor photo of ticket as proof of purchase by the winning number's Buyer/holder.
2. Seller will compute amount and relay the total amount to be paid by the Buyer. The figure of the total amount will be relayed to Buyer through text, email, or PM.
3. Exact payment will be made by the Buyer through bank deposit after the Seller gives the Official BPI account named under the Head of the OCC™. 
4. Buyer will send a photo of the Bank Deposit Slip to Seller as temporary proof of transaction. 
5. Buyer must secure the original deposit slip for record keeping.
6. Once payment has been secured by the Seller (please allow 24-hours for internal cross referencing of the Raffle Finance Committee) the Seller will then assign a ticket number or numbers to the Buyer.
7. Aside from the written communication the Seller also will provide a clear photo of the actual ticket/s that has been purchased with the Buyer’s Name and Contact number handwritten on the blanks provided.  
8. Buyer must either physically or digitally secure his/her raffle ticket purchase/s to present as proof when claiming prize by keeping the ACTUAL tickets, or keeping the PHOTO of her tickets.
9. All Sellers are tasked to track the names of their ticket’s purchasers for verification.
10. All ticket stubs to be raffled will be placed by numerical value in a container with the public as witness at 10:00 AM -12:00 NOON during the Our 1st Coloring Congress on August 6, 2016, Saturday, at the Phinma Conference Center in Tagaytay, a few hours before the raffle.
11. Raffle Draw will be on August 6, 2016, Saturday, at 1:00 pm. Winning stub numbers and names of winners will be announced online immediately after the Draw. 
12. The Sellers of the winners will also contact them through the contact info they have provided.
13. Except for the prizes donated by Canon, the winners who are present in the Congress may claim their prizes on-the-spot. Winners must present proof of ownership of the winninh raffle ticket number. 
14. Prizes that will be shipped may take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Except for Canon prizes some shipping fee may be shouldered by the winner.
15. Shipping of printers will be shouldered by Canon. Shipping cost of other items may or may not be shouldered by the winners.

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