Thursday, September 29, 2016

It Starts with A Vision

It's been so long since my last post and I can't recall anymore what happened that kept me from publishing entries in this blog. But today I feel I need to share something very close to my heart, a vision. And as nay a writer I am I would just have to resort to blogging to put this germinating idea out for a test run. 

I have a vision, for the Philippines to be the Coloring Capital of the World. 

Not very palatable? Well, yeah, admittedly so since that's how many countries we are talking about to best. But that's why it's called a vision, it's always out there in the horizon to focus our eyes on, our efforts to, and all our resources and energy. It is better than being pulled down by internal squabbles that not only polarize the coloristas but also deteriorate the general wellbeing of each one of us.

I am an optimist. I see that in the past few months various groups have formed to come up with their own unique events for coloring enthusiasts to try, including the upcoming Art Buffet and a recently concluded doodle/charity event to help school kids in far flung areas. What I see is the newfound and renewed confidence to offer diverse experiences for many coloristas to try and explore, to expose themselves to so that they can realize better their personal goals to become better in coloring. With this cornucopia of experiences being offered now every Pinoy colorista is bound to become a world class talent in no time. Not just some, not just one, but everyone who wants, all together.

Corollary to that the Philippines most likely would also become the Coloring Events Capital of the World! 

Think about it. Something good and beautiful always comes out of rough times, like the rainbow coming out after the rain. 

Let's rise above our differences and see what good prospects lie ahead if we work for a common vision. I am
positive we can do this! 

Let the idea germinate for awhile. 😊


  1. With you at the helm, I'm sure that vision will be a reality soon 😊

  2. With you at the helm, I'm sure that vision will be a reality soon 😊