Saturday, January 30, 2016

Parisian Girl

So there I was one afternoon trying to figure out if I wanted to try my luck with PanPastels again after having a bout of allergic rhinitis the last time I used them. The book Look by Suwa was proving irresistable and I just had to make the Parisian girl's skin look silky and smooth without pencil lines no matter how micro fine. Got my PanPastel shades (I have only five in my humble collection), and started dabbing with the Burnt Sienna Tint. 

In making facial contours I'm careful not to put any color on the highest protrusions. That's supposed to be the part the light touches and so that should remain white until the end if I can help it. 
For the recessed parts I carefully dab a layer of Red Iron Oxide Tint. With this slightly warmer color I'm able to create dimension. Try it yourself by applying on the farthest shadow from the highlight first then gradually moving in with lighter dabbing and more blending. 

I create the most drama with Burnt Sienna, the darkest of them all. With this hue I'm able to lift the entire face to make it appear 3D like.

My Gelatos set by Faber-Castell was the most fun to apply. Gelatos are like oil pastels with a more buttery glide on paper. I used the metallic ones on her beret and turtleneck, leaving white spaces untouched to give the effect that bright light is washing it out.

Had so much fun with this one in fact I just finished it in two days. 

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