Sunday, February 14, 2016


Two weeks ago I received this rolled up package from the UK and got super pumped up to color again (when did I not ever?!? haha!). This time it's over an entire 40" x 27" colour-in Wildergorn poster by Jamie Courtier, former Creative Director of Jim Henson's Creature Shop. It's one of six huge line art posters seen in 

This one I ordered is the first one, Potter's Road.
I came upon Wildergorn while researching online about Tolkien's coloring books which are fantasy illustrations of the spectacular film series based on the Lord of the Rings books. Wildergorn may look Tolkienesque but it has absolutely nothing to do with LOTR. The posters are appealing because of their storylike character and it's humongous size, nothing like I've ever colored before. 

Here's the entire text from the site's Home page: 

"There's more to a Wildergorn Colour In Poster than meets the eye. By gently contemplating and hand colouring each intricate detail, you’ll find yourself being gradually drawn into the hypnotic and fascinating world of Wildergorn; the more discerning and careful you are with your colours, the more extraordinary will be the result. They’ve been coloured by actors waiting in the green-rooms of West-End theatres, by aid-workers in war zones (during quieter moments), by patients convalescing in hospital and they have united friends and families around the kitchen tables of the world.  These giant 40” x 27” Wildergorn Colour-in Posters are designed by Jamie Courtier (former Creative Director of Jim Henson's Creature Shop) to stretch your imagination and colouring skills to the limit!"

After placing my order (PhP 2,070 including shipping fee) the site sent us an email message letting me know that shipping may take quite awhile, and at the same time expressed genuine surprise and excitement since apparently this is the first time someone from the Philippines ordered from them. 

I realize now that this is a huge undertaking, literally, so I'm thinking of making this into a collab project. I might be asking around for three other colorists who would be interested to finish this with me. We'd be deciding on the medium, color scheme and other pertinent aspects of the project before starting it and hopefully end up with a cohesive work that can be displayed in a future exhibit (hey, I'm allowed to dream, aren't I 😄). The poster will be staying with one colorist for a period until he or she is done and is able to pass it on to the next, and so on. 

I'm still letting the idea ferment in my mind until I'm 100% sure it can work. What do you think? 

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