Friday, February 19, 2016

The Waif in the Mysterious Library

Today I had a 'eureka moment with my ink pencils and markers. I used this newly discovered (by me, atleast) technique on the hair of this image, notice that it has hints of the vibrancy of ink but blended relatively lightly. I'll be sharing how to apply that in my classes in the future so watch out for that. 

As for this waif from The Mysterious Library by Parkeunji (finding that name is another eureka moment I'll talk about later) I think I'm going to be finishing this tonight, which is a couple more hours from now. Am now working on the background which I think is not too hard, a matter of flicking and blending blues, but may take quite awhile. 
 For her skin I used PanPastel (burnt sienna and iron oxide) and touched up the tiny details with paint brushes instead of foam tips. The spotter 20/0 brush really came in handy for lightly spreading the dust of the pastel. And you know what else came in handy? My glass table top! A few dust fell off from the pastel cakes and I found myself mixing on it. Eventually I would dab the brush on the glass surface before applying the tip on the page, that way I'm careful not to put too much and avoid ending up with a gross mistake. (Incidentally this glass top also came in handy when I traced an image to transfer to another paper)

Finally here's what I learned about ordering Korean books - I can't understand them! But then a friend told me about phone apps that you can download, take a photo with, and will do translation for you. How about that! 

Here's the copyright page I translated. It still doesn't directly say that Bakeunji is the artist but I have a good feeling it is. Hyeonamsa is the publisher, it appears, see for yourself. 

Anyhow, can't wait to use this app in translating pages from Daria Song's latest coloing book The Present. The back page has instructions on certain techniques in coloring which I'd love to learn. Wouldn't you? 

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  1. Hi ces thanks for your article now i am equipped with know how on ordering this book from korea too. Also the daria song bookthe present hehe. Thanks for always sharing tips on coloring and your colored pages makes me want to color the same image with your work as my guide. Please continue to share your coloring experiences and passion. I am one of your biggest fans. God bless your heart ☺ - pochie