Thursday, December 24, 2015

Announcing the Winner of the Christmas Coloring Raffle Contest

Kape o Tsokolate Christmas Raffle Contest was an idea that got cooked up when I was already halfway through drawing sketches to give away on our Kolorista Christmas party. I thought why not ask people to color them, then tag me when they post them to qualify for a raffle? With that decided next thing to consider then was the prize? I wanted to give something no one else can win in any other raffle, something personal that the winner could appreciate. I thought of a framed work of mine but hesitated because not everyone might want someone else's art hanging on their wall. So I thought of giving the option to frame the winner's work. 

The sole winner of the raffle can choose either of the two then, a framed artwork of mine, or his/her artwork that I will have framed and ready for wall mounting. I know for a fact too that some works of mine have already faded due to friction, and so if the winner wants my work he or she also can choose from either a good enhanced copy, or the original. How about you, which would you choose? 

A bit about the image.

A fellow colorist and a professional artist asked me to write a few words about the Kape o Tsokolate image because he wanted to post his in an international page. This is what I wrote for him: 

"Always perfect with hot coffee or cocoa, the Philippine bibingka ang puto bumbong are staple rice cake delicacies in our country during the Christmas season. With rice flour as base ingredient they are steamed to perfection using native cookwares made of clay pottery. Filipino Catholics that attend midnight masses can look forward to these warm delights for their breakfast in the cool December mornings. The Christmas lantern or 'parol' in the vernacular is star shaped which symbolizes the star of Bethlehem in the birth of Jesus Christ, shining light and bringing hope to all."

Many Facebook friends of mine enjoyed the colored bibingka and puto bumbong pictures popping up on their newsfeeds in the run up to Christmas day. Among them were two who, even though they were not members of a kolorista group I'm in, felt enticed to color as well. I can't explain the feeling of happiness that filled me when I received their works. 

Others that expressed desire to color but not join the contest were a group of former classmates having a reunion, a high school friend of one kolorista, and a kolorista who requested me to make more Christmas images for her to color. Too bad I didn't have time to make those for her.  

Raffle proper: 

I woke up before 7:00 am on Christmas Day to handwrite each name entry in a post it pad. Yes, you read right each had been handwritten. I wasn't planning to, mind you, I wasn't being sentimental and old-fashioned, it's just that the printer ran out of black ink and I had no choice but to write them. 

My eldest son suggested an online random picking system but I thought I'd like it better if it were live and tactile, with my sister and brother-in-law as witnesses. 

At 8:17 am on Christmas Day 2015 we settled in my favorite coloring spot in the house to begin the process of picking the winner. 

There are 50 official entries, my sister, Tet, checked and counted them to make sure that different names were written in the entries and that no one was left behind. Multiple submissions of artworks were still counted as a single entry. Tet counted 50 entries.
Butch, my brother-in-law,and Tet helped me put all the raffle entries in a big glass container. 
And here it is! 

I picked this entry, but before announcing it I had to consult with the witnesses. 
After verifying that the procedure and outcome of the draw were valid I can now announce the winner!   

Congratulations, AILEEN ROTOR! Your name was picked!

To everybody who joined and took part in this event thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with all of us. God bless you! 

Will keep this blog updated on what prize Aileen would decide to have.

Meantime, Merry Christmas y'all! 

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