Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dog by Marjorie Sarnat

This line art from an online post by Marjorie Sarnat is for a dear friend, Fe Brusola, who loves dogs. When my friend learned that I was going to color this for her she was thrilled, and so I thought of making my coloring extra nice. On the difficulty scale this type of art is slightly difficult for me, oftentimes I'm more inspired by realistic images. So I brought out my Prismacolor Premier pencils which is my go-to set when I need to be assured that the work will come out vibrant after. Faber-Castell's Polychromos colored pencils, being oil based, lack a bit of that oomph when it comes to brightness. 

For a touch of playfulness I decided to use my neons more this time. Since the background showed a bright sunlight I thought it would do me well to use more than one shade of yellow. It was then that I stumbled upon this: yellow chartreuse. It had a tinge of green but with a neon appearance when rendered. I knocked myself out with it, even coloring the sun with this hue. 

Halfway through I decided to color the flowers in monochrome style so that, in contrast, the whimsical colors on the dog would stand out. The butterflies as well were assigned the darker hues, again, to make them pop out. 
In the end I was definitely happy with this pooch art. I named him Ichiban, the pet name assigned by my son to our Maltese. Here's to more happy puppies! 

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