Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Unique Pencil / Pen / Marker Organizer from Le Organize

I'm not part of Le Organize so I was thrilled to have been shown the prototype of this pencil organizer and consulted together with my friend Effie about the functionality of its design during its creative stages.

Now that it's available I can't wait to get one for me and several others for giving away this Christmas.

It's a very chic kit after all. It's versatile, it can be used for any coloring tool you want to lug around, including water brush pens, or hey, maybe even make-up brushes! It's also fun to use, just SLIP, FLIP, and FOLD. First you SLIP the colored pens or pencils in the strap, FLIP the cover to secure them, and FOLD to transform it into a handy kit for carrying around.

I think it being made of nylon is a plus especially since pencil markings can be easily washed off.

In its initial design stages my friend Effie and I, being fans of Colleen dual tip pencils, suggested to Eli, owner of Le Organize, to not use pockets for holding the pencils in place. Instead to have a design that shows both tips of the pencils for accessibility and functionality. 
The velcro snaps help secure the flaps in place which keep the pencils snugly intact when traveling.
Below are other details from its manufacturer Le Organize:

When flaps are closed
Length 25.5 inches
Width 7.5 inches
When flaps are open
Length 25.5 inches
Width 10.5 inches
When Folded:
Height 7.5”
Width 5.25”
Thickness when empty 1 inch
Thickness with pencils 2.5”

Colors available:
1. Black / Green / Khaki Combination
2. Baby Blue / Purple / Khaki Combination
3. Purple / Pink / Khaki Combination
4. Red / Baby Blue / Khaki Combination

For Orders and Shipping Details check this link: Le Organize

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