Saturday, November 21, 2015

On and Off In My Time Garden

A month ago I bought the Winter Magic and Time Garden books. Time Garden by Daria Song was the more interesting one because it had a story, and every page was a picture of one exciting adventure of a little girl after another.
I used Mungyo's light blue chalk pastel on the intricate wall paper.
I wasn't very keen in coloring the tiny details of the wall paper in one of the initial pages and so I resorted to using Mungyo chalk pastel. I just shaded the entire wall with it. For the sky outside the windows I was eager to use Kuretake brush markers, sky and water tones. That was a mistake. I didn't know then that alcohol based markers tend to seep through to the reverse side of the paper. When I realized that it was too late. I just remedied that by coloring on top of the marks, they were not totally concealed but nothing could be done about it anymore.

The rest of that wallpaper spread I colored with Prismacolor colored pencils without putting much effort shading parts to achieve a 3D look.

The next spread was more fun and I don't know why considering it was just all brown. Maybe the thought of not having to think about what color to use next was my brain's idea of fun and relaxation. That's a revelation!

I used Faber-Castell watercolour pencils for all the bricks. That was easy to apply and I loved varying the strokes to achieve the textured look of each brick. I had to discipline myself not to use too much water in my brush before applying on paper and for that a tissue came in very handy.

I left out the skin color of the girl on this spread. Thought I'd wait for the bigger pencil sets for the skin tones since I wasn't too happy still with the ones in my current sets then.

I had fun doing this, I have to say I can't wait to do the other spreads from this book. The little girl needs to get into her next adventure :)

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