Sunday, November 22, 2015

Trip to Ayala Museum

The first Sunday in November I was able to convince my husband to take a trip with me to Ayala Museum, out of curiosity because I wanted to take a look at a coloring book they released entitled "Kulayala". The museum opens at 9:00 am, but before entering my husband invited me for some light snacks at the Museum Cafe.
I had guinumis, a drink which is quite filling.

We enjoyed our 1-hour tour of the first and second floors. If you want to visit all the floors you have to get the pricier ticket. The Juan Luna paintings were exhibited in the third floor and that was enough for us, we just adore this master's works. We couldn't take photos as it was prohibited so I have nothing to post here. Marvin made me take note of how Luna never signed his paintings, which led him to doubt the authenticity of a recently auctioned purported work of the artist.

At the Museum Shop at the third floow I finally got hold of the book Kulayala which is not strictly a book but instead is a pack of 10 coloring sheets printed on vellum board. They are illustrations of woven fabrics displayed in the Museum.

I bought it for PhP250.00. My work before at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts under the Sub-Committee on Cultural Communities influenced my love and appreciation for our country's ethnic designs. I wonder when I can get started on these patterns.

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