Sunday, November 22, 2015

Flowers at Midnight

This one has a personal story behind it. 

The time I began with this project I thought of using colors that lifted the image from the page as well as those colors that made other images recede. I chose wild colors like purple, orange, red, gold. I had my Prismacolor set beside me and that was all I needed to get started on this page from Midnight Garden.
I used M&G Festival glitter pens on the small details which was so much fun to apply. The black background is already printed on each page of this book which I and everyone else who knows of this book simply adore! 
Both were of the M&G Brand, the top one is a glitter pen, the lower one is metallic.
I noticed that not all reds in my set are warm, this red (which I believe is crimson) turns out to be cool. It receded into the background which seemed to make the purple and orange flowers on top of them come forward.

With the white outline which I decided to remove later

The white outline separating the huge flowers from the rest of the tiny ones didn't excite me at all so I decided to color over them with a black marker to remove its effect.

Now here's the touching part of this story, two days later, within a few minutes after enjoying my finished work, I received a text message from my mother who told me she smelled the scent of flowers while she was coming down her staircase, at her home. For us that sometimes indicated that our departed loved ones wanted to be remembered through prayers. It was then that she remembered that my mother-in-law's birthday was that day.

I was surprised that it slipped my mind even though we all remembered to celebrate it the weekend before. It suddenly occurred to me that the colors in my artwork were all of her favorite colors: red, violet, and gold. I went to offer mass especially for that intention that day.
Normally I wouldn't choose these bright colors, it must've been for a reason.

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